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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


These "Terms and Conditions" govern the relationship between “Terra Excess” software product customers who have made an online order on the product website, located at www.terraexcess.com (called "customers") and the owners of the software (called  “supplier”).

We strongly advise you to read this terms and conditions for using a website www.terraexcess.com, before making a purchase.

“Terra Excess” software product  website, located at www.terraexcess.com provides you with an online purchase contract (distance purchase contract). The contract coming into force from the moment of order confirmation (each customer receives an email confirming their order).

From www.terraexcess.com  a fully functional trial version of the "Terra Excess" software can be downloaded free, which will be active for 31 days (one month) for testing. In order to send the digital copy, a name and email are required. According to the Personal Data Protection Act, the supplier may not provide colected personal data to its clients to third parties without their express consent. view our privacy policy

Once the 31-day trial period expires, the user must pay a license fee to the „Terra Excess“ software owner in order to continue to use the software. The license is provided in the form of a purchased activation code to activate the Software for a specified time. The purchased license may only be used for personal use and may not be given or sold to a third party. If it is determined that the activation code is also used by other users, it may be changed but the duration of the license will be retained. The “Terra Excess” software license can only be purchased from the official product website at www.terraexcess.com. There are three types of licenses that can be chosen:

Month - the user chooses the number of months for which want the software to be active and according to that pays a license fee;

Year - the user pays a one-time license fee entitling him/her to use the Software for one year (365 days + 5 days extra);

Perpetual - the user pays a one-time license fee entitling him/her to use the Software for unlimited time;

All activation codes will be activated and licenses will coming into force on the same day they are purchased.

Customers and Supplier are required to keep their business secrets, made known to them during the execution of the contract and not to make public written or verbal correspondence between them.

The content, materials posted on www.terraexcess.com and the website itself are intellectual property and can not be copied and posted without consent. With the order placed on the site, you can subscribe to our newsletter, which the site system sends to the specified email.

Administrators of www.terraexcess.com have the right at any time to make changes to this terms and conditions valid for the website, but in any case they are required to publish latest terms and conditions for the site.


Last edited: 18.09.2017

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